A Letter to the Year 2010

Dear 2010,

Although you started on a Friday, which is a great way to begin a weekend and a new year, I wasn’t sure what to think of you when you started out. January was a tough month emotionally regarding several situations – especially when you took my cat. After burying our cat, when the garden above him started to bloom a few months later, I finally started to believe in you.

Twenty-ten, you allowed me to accomplish goals that I’d set for myself years ago that in recent years looked as if they would never happen. You’ve allowed for both new and old important relationships to grow and for me to realize that some of the others just shouldn’t be.

Twenty-ten, you’ve been a great year to me for closing final chapters on situations and opening new doors to others. I only hope that you are the steppingstone to your successor, 2011, which begins its new year on a Saturday – a great day to sleep get up and watch the sunrise.

Thank you for everything, 2010.


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