Thanks, But No Thanks – You’re Texting My Life Away

Texting doesn’t work for all of us.

Include me in that statement. I think that this texting thing has become completely out of control. Everywhere I go are people texting – blocking the grocery store aisle, driving and weaving down the highway – you name it. If you’re going to text, fine, but please realize there is an entire world of living people around you that don’t appreciate your rudeness and disregard for other people’s safety.

Is texting rude? In many cases, yes. I don’t mind a text here or there, but I do not want to have an entire conversation over text messaging that a simple phone call would take less than five minutes to resolve. If someone has a question that requires a simple yes or no answer, fine. But don’t expect me to send my address or other personal information, weekly schedule, or paragraphs over a text. I don’t mind a picture text once in a while, but not of every new costume you purchase each week for each your six pet Chihuahuas. First of all, I don’t own one of those fancy phones and I’m not on any plans that offer me more than 250 texts per month – and I plan to keep it that way. I like to keep things simple.

A couple of years ago I visited a friend that had a really bad habit of texting while driving on the highway in the left lane at 50 mph. She didn’t care that she was blocking traffic. She didn’t notice that she was weaving all over the road. I was her passenger, hanging on for dear life, and I have never put myself in that position again.

Not long ago on my drive home from the grocery store I noticed a teenager walking across a busy street in the neighborhood. He was completely oblivious that there were cars coming his way. Why? Because he was texting. And when he looked and saw oncoming cars lined up, he acted as if we were doing something wrong.

Instead of having family conversation, I often witness kids texting at the dinner table among other places – for hours. Parents frequently don’t step in and say anything. I think it’s extremely rude when there is company and a kid is sitting there texting the entire time, ignoring questions because they are too focused on their technological device. Has verbal communication with the new generation completely gone out the window?

I don’t know what’s worse – watching a new generation depend on texting as their sole means of communicating or witnessing my own generation fall into the trap of technological zippermouth. If you haven’t spoken to me in several months, sending a text is probably the rudest way to contact me (besides showing up at my door unannounced). Wouldn’t it be easier to just pick up the phone and call?

For me, texting is a big NO THANKS. If you really want to communicate with me, find time to pick up the phone and call or write a letter (now known as email).

I will end this with one last thought… oops, I have to go. I have an incoming text to delete.

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