Shopping Sucks

This may come as a surprise to many people, but I am a woman who hates shopping. I would rather be reading a book, sitting at the beach, or writing. Shopping was something I did at the mall when I was a bored teenager. And even then I really didn’t shop because I was broke; I hung out. Today, the mall is one of the last places you’ll find me.

When I tell people I hate shopping – especially men – I get responses like, “What?! You’re a woman! Women love shopping!”

Well, not this woman. And besides, not all women are the same.

Shopping is a chore to me. It’s boring and redundant. The only time I enjoy shopping is at thrift stores because I get most of my reading material at Goodwill for only about a buck.

Shopping? You can have it.

I’m Sorry I’m Your Daughter – Poetry by Susanna Hartigan

I’m sorry I’m Your daughter
Can’t seem to do the right
thing to please You
Never asked for anything
but still rejected and unaccepted
I’m sorry I’m Your daughter
Can’t be the mother You expect of me
and fearing the next thing done
will push You farther away
I’m sorry I’m Your daughter
You don’t really know me as a person
and I hurt because I can hear You
teasing and laughing at me
behind closed doors –
Your false faces reveal it all.
I’m sorry I’m Your daughter
Fatigued from over exertion,
yet hearing You mouth,
“Oh, what’s next?”
I’m sorry I’m Your daughter
Refusing to live up to double standards
because our worlds are different
and miles apart –
makes me think You hate me
somewhere inside –
just because
I am different.
©2004 Susanna Hartigan
All Rights Reserved