I am Lost/Baffled/Bewildered Without My Thesaurus

I consider my thesaurus one of the most valuable books I own, and it’s gone missing. I don’t know if it became mixed up in a pile of books meant for donation or if it has been misplaced and is somewhere else among my scattered library.

The best thesaurus I ever owned was purchased sometime in the early 1990s, and I took that thing everywhere. I believe it was Roget’s, but it could have been Webster’s. It had a brown cover and smelled of tanning lotion because I’d kept it in my backpack whenever I went to the beach to write. The was pretty worn out after about five years, but my brother needed one for his high school classes so I gladly passed it on to him.

In the meantime, grandfather had given me his thesaurus – a gigantic, hardback, 15-pound Webster that I could in no way carry around so easily. I still needed a thesaurus that was convenient for my little writing outings and finally, a few years ago I found one. It wasn’t the greatest but it worked better than the internet searches for synonyms and antonyms.

And now it’s gone. I suppose this is a sign to find myself the right thesaurus once again.

So I went onto Amazon this morning and typed in “thesaurus”. Up comes zillions of pages of thesauruses that I never even knew existed. The history of the thesaurus, the green thesaurus, the thesaurus of psychology, the thesaurus for college students, the thesaurus for thinkers, and God is Not in the Thesaurus (the actual title of a book).

Why can’t things be simple anymore? What do I do now? A girl needs her thesaurus if she’s going to continue being a writer. Any suggestions?

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