Random Thoughts on Shitty Emails

I woke up today intending on actually getting some creative thoughts down instead of venting and ranting about the world around me. I took the dog for a walk, had my coffee, thought about going down to the river to do some hand-written writing with my notebook. But I checked my email and it changed things up a bit. I guess I’m still cleaning out my head in my daily journal writings so I can get rid of all of the bullshit thrown at me.

My brother emailed me. This is the brother that hasn’t spoken to me in over a year, and even before that he had a stick up his ass and didn’t speak to me much. He is very different from me and my other brother. He and my other brother are twins, but very opposite. One is fun and gay, the other is a douche. This morning’s email was from the douche. Although he claims he doesn’t like drama, he manages to involve himself by putting his nose smack in the middle.

In his email, he stated how much he hated me and that he would spit on my grave with a smile. (Such pleasantry, isn’t it?) He also went on to say that I would never meet his wife or daughter, and he didn’t forget to mention that he wipes his ass with my book.

What I did was make him think that I never got the email. I did a fake “undeliverable” message and sent it back to him. He’s not smart enough to figure out it’s fake, but he must have received it, because now he’s sending text messages to my daughter and asking other family what email I’m using.

I’m not going to answer him, at least not directly. Instead, I’m going to do it privately and not send it to him. There is no point in ever answering anything my negative family says, because no matter what, I am always wrong, at fault, the problem, etc… It took me over 30 years to realize that, which is why I wrote the memoir. And even though I changed names in the book out of respect to protect their privacy, I am still wrong. But I’m okay with being wrong. That’s there problem, not mine.

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