Advice from a Friend

My friend told me the greatest quote the other day.  She said her father told her, “You should never play with dead things or crazy people.”

Isn’t that the truth!  After an ordeal last week with a convicted felon tracking where we live, I am convinced that trying to help people probably isn’t my duty anymore. I don’t want to put my life at risk by these people finding out who I am.

I want to live a low-key life. The last half of it was pain and misery and problems. I’m not going to spend the next half like that. I just want to write and be creative and look at the flowers in my garden… and meditate, listen to baroque music – enjoy life. I don’t need anymore health problems from anymore stress. It’s just not worth it.

Birds, Felons, and the Pissing Buddha

I can hear a bird outside. I think it’s a mockingbird. I can see my garden from my window. My table fountain is on. It’s a Buddha fountain, and although it’s seated, it looks like it’s pissing because the water is shooting up like a drinking fountain. I call it my Pissing Buddha. Maybe I should write a story about that.

Speaking of writing stories, the Writer’s Digest competition ends May 2nd. I have a few things started but now that school has taken over everything, I don’t know what to do. I really wanted to enter something. As long as I don’t have anymore surprises from felons or get anymore illnesses, I can be creative.

Writing – When it’s Not Just a Hobby

Fitting writing into my daily schedule has been a practice for me for quite some time now. My business has died about 85% in the last year, so I decided to use this “spare” time to go back to school.

If I had to work full time and try to do this degree, I’d never make it. I already know what my body and mind are capable of, and when I was in college 15 years ago, I burned the candle at both ends. I burned out, big time. I have learned I can’t be Super Woman anymore, and I don’t have to be. I know my limits. It is finally my turn to focus and concentrate on school with nothing else in my way. Finally!

For the last year or two, I have written just about every day. I often take a notebook or find a sheet of paper to take notes on while I’m sitting by myself at a restaurant. That’s where I do a lot of my observations. Happy hour at the bar down the street makes for some interesting character sketches as well!

I have so many things I want to write about… I keep starting them but the ideas aren’t fully developed. I have a story about Ava Harper so far… maybe two or three pages into it. I wrote that while sitting in the passenger’s side of the car on a road trip. I just wrote a story about sunflowers – which is more of a fable/moral-to-the-story type of story – for both kids and adults. Think Disney, because that’s what I was thinking when I wrote it. I have two more children’s story ideas… two more that I’ve started and never finished because I was lacking oomph. One is a girl’s story and one is a boy’s…

All of my stories are both visual and swimming around… I visualize everything. It’s the only way I can write.

Obituary Comment – I’m Glad You’re Dead?

I read Marcus’s father’s obit in the paper today. I can’t believe that miserable son of a bitch lived as long as he did. He had cancer at one time but beat it.

This is a man that – I hate to say it – deserved everything that happened to him. He was very abusive to his whole family, beat the kids. He hasn’t spoken to his children in years, and definitely not his grandchildren. I informed my brother that he died, and that he is listed as his grandchild in the obit.

My brother is super pissed. Said he doesn’t want his own father to be associated with his name, nevermind that supposed grandfather of his. He tried posting his comment to the obit, but apparently they have to be approved. His was not approved.

I wonder if anyone else has left comments on people’s obituaries telling them what a piece of shit they were?

Jim’s Organic Coffee – Witches Brew X – is the Best!

I love a good cup of coffee, and Susanna does not play well with others without one. I tend to like the darker, robust coffees and Cuban coffee, but hadn’t been quite satisfied with everything else in the grocery store.

I recently discovered Jim’s Organic Coffee in my local health food store. I tried a sample of the “X” blend, also known as Witches Brew, to see if I would like it. Whoa! It is the BEST coffee I have tasted! It’s clean, not bitter like a lot of coffees. Although the beans are relatively black, this coffee is surprisingly light after brewing. And I find myself using less creamer, which is good for the waistline.

Check out Jim’s website and see if you can buy this locally. It is well worth it!