Unfiltered Fresh Ginger, Ginger Ale – The Best Thing for Nausea, Digestion

Whenever I stumble upon a great product, I feel the need to share it with the world so that everyone else can enjoy it, too.

Having a corn allergy is the pits, but it has forced me to try new things. Since I am unable to drink regular ginger ale from the grocery store due to its corn syrup content, I found some natural products from the health food store. The one I’m raving about here is called Fresh Ginger, Ginger Ale by Bruce Cost. Strange name. Great flavor.

FGGA comes in a clear bottle, and at the bottom of the bottle sits about a half inch thick of real ginger. You do have to tilt the bottle to get the good stuff. The flavor is amazing! Being a ginger lover helps. The ale is a little costly, but so much better than the junk in the grocery store. The company has flavored ales that I have yet to try… and their website has some tasty looking drink recipes.


Putting Out Book #2 & Getting Editor’s Block

As many of you know, I’ve been working on my second book. This one is comprised of teenage diary entries and poetry. It’s a sequel to Unheard, but in a different format. I think my biggest problem is that my poetry is in one notebook and my diary is in another, so the hardest work is finding the right dates that match up so that I can effectively convey the feelings I had. (And let me tell you – I read some of my teen poetry, and I hadn’t realized how strong my feelings were!)

Actually, I have to be honest about the book. I worked on it diligently for several weeks, put it down, picked it back up, and put it back down. It’s not that I have writer’s block, because it’s basically already been written. It’s more like editor’s block!

Feeling the Aches of Fibromyalgia

It’s days like today that remind me that I have fibromyalgia. It seems that sometimes it flares up out of nowhere. Today is cloudy, damp outside. This is the type of weather that makes my body ache. My muscles ache deep within. I’m unable to sleep it off, thanks to the cat pouncing on me in bed. But I’m feeling the ache again, feeling like a wet rag.