Fibromyalgia Strikes Again – a Pattern of Stressful Events

I’ve been under a considerable amount of stress this summer. Nothing bad, just a lot of life changes that are extremely stressful to the body. I’ve done my best to eat well and try to keep my mind stable, but it’s nearly impossible when major things have to be dealt with for weeks on end without rest. Now that rest has happened, so has fibromyalgia. I hadn’t recalled the last time I felt this way until I went back to my blog entries and saw it was about a year ago. But this time is even worse and has been going on for more than a few weeks, especially the last week when the fibro “fog” has moved in.


Trying to understand this condition is baffling, but there is a pattern I have noticed. Whenever I have a major stressful event (good or bad, stress is still stress) and finally rest, my body decides to have a mind of its own. It seems that everything is “normal” during the time of stress, but when it’s time to rest, that’s when the symptoms come out. I believe there are other triggers, such as chemicals, that provoke these symptoms. I was recently in a home for a period of time that had automatic spray air fresheners. These types go off on a motion sensor, which means you can be sprayed right in the face – which is what eventually happened. The first day the sprays didn’t bother me, but by the third day my throat and eyes were irritated, and I noticed a loss of smell and taste. Then I began to hate the odors, even got nauseated by them. Since consumers aren’t told exactly what is in these sprays, I can only imagine I’ve been inhaling something poisonous the last few weeks that has left me in this situation.

It’s extremely frustrating to not be able to enjoy vacations or time off because the body isn’t cooperating. Right  now I feel like my blood is on fire. My joints and muscles ache. I’ve been drinking plenty of water, but I’m not in a situation to where I can juice my fruits or veggies, so cleansing has been on my wish list. I’m not running a fever, but I feel like I am. I feel like I’m coming down with something, but with fibromyalgia it can be difficult to tell one way or the other. The thing with fibro is that it lasts for days with the same flu-like symptoms, whereas a cold or flu would come, show its ugly face and leave. I don’t remember feeling this badly in a very long time.


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