‘His Face Poured Gasoline’ and other Bad Song Lyrics

For those of us that grew up before the advent of the ever-omniscient internet, we relied on the insides of album or cassette covers (and later cd’s) to read the song lyrics from our favorite bands. Many times those covers did not provide the lyrics, so we depended on our own ears and those of our friends if we couldn’t understand what the musicians were singing. This is where the fun begins – entrusting on what we thought we heard rather than what was really being said.

One of the songs that comes to mind most frequently is Skid Row’s “Eighteen and Life”, because that is the worst set of lyrics I ever made up. There I was, all cool in my black spandex pants and big hair, singing at the top of my lungs, “Daquina in his heartbeat, his face poured gasoline!”

Don’t ask me what daquina was, because I didn’t know that, either. When my friends corrected me, it was funny enough that we all started jokingly singing, “His face poured gasoline.”

Some other hysterically funny/bad song lyrics I came up with over time were these:

From the Police’s “Spirits in a Material World”:
I sang: “We eat asparagus in our material. Yeah, asparagus in our material…”

From Pink Floyd’s “Comfortably Numb”:
I sang: “I had to come, come for it all.”

From Kansas “Carry on Wayward Son”:
I sang: “Carrie on my way, your son.”

From Blondie’s “Call Me”:
I sang: “Calla me, your caller, baby. Caller me your call… roller me in caller sheets, I’ll never get it up… Motions call, I don’t know why. Caller up is all a lie…”

From The Eagle’s “Hotel California”:
I sang: “Stab it with their steely eyes, but they just can’t kill the peace.”

From the Bee Gee’s “Stayin Alive”:
I sang: “You can tell by the way I youth, I’m a woman’s man, no time to talk. You make love the way I want, all around since I was born; but that’s alright, it’s okay, you can see another day. …. We can try to understand the way you put your hand on me, whether you’re a brother or whether you’re a lover…”

From Van Halen’s “Panama”:
I sang: “Ain’t nothing like a shiny machine, with a wheel for a tray, movin’ heart tween. Hot shoe burning down the avenue, gotta countdown with the crew.”

And I know I’m not the only one that had these lyrics all jived up…

From Manfred Mann’s Earth Band’s “Blinded By the Light”:
I sang: “Blinded by the light. Wrecked up like a douche, with your mother in the night.”

I’m sure there are more I can come up with that I’ve forgotten. Now that you’re done laughing, maybe you can share some of your own.


  1. For AC/DC's Dirty Deeds, I sang: “Dirty deeds and the thunder chief.”

    In Steve Miller Band's “Jungle Love,” every time they said “jungle love” I thought they were saying “chug-a-lug”.

  2. Motels.
    A friend of mine, a girl, couldn't believe they could sing that on the radio, I asked, “sing what?”
    “You know, only the lonely get laid”

    I said, well, it's “only the lonely can play”….
    and lonely people don't get laid….that's why they're lonely
    : – )
    (sorry for the R rated comment: – )
    But also, a friend of mine picked up a Phil Collins cassette (dating myself)…but it was a bootleg, made in Korea, and in the notes, the lyrics were what a Korean person THOUGHT Phil was singing…pretty funny stuff.

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