Overheard Conversations Make Me Laugh Out Loud (or Cringe!)

I often sit in public places and take notes for writing. Here are some of my most recent:

Little girl: Look! Three boys and three girls! It’s equal!
Father: No, it’s not equal. The boys are bigger.

Teenage Girl: Stupid cops! They gave me another ticket! Said my tag was expired.
Teenage Boy: When did it expire?
Teenage Girl: Like two months ago. But they already knew that when I got pulled over last month for speeding. They should have given me a chance!

Middle-aged Woman on cell phone: Don’t you love being retired? I’ll have to teach you the retirement dance!

Father: You’re paying? You brought your wallet? Does it have money in it?
Teen Son: I have money and a library card.
Father: When you open it, do moths come flying out?

Little Boy at beach (points to woman wearing black bra-style bikini) says to his mother: Is that a bra?

4 thoughts on “Overheard Conversations Make Me Laugh Out Loud (or Cringe!)

  1. The conversation about moths coming out of wallets happens between my brother and my father on a regular basis. Sometimes in both directions!

    I used to love the ‘Overheard in…’ websites, as some conversations you hear in public places are just hilarious.

    1. It’s a great exercise for writing. If people only knew that others were listening, I wonder if they’d say it at all?

  2. Little girl at a restaurant (looks up to see Eli Manning NFL fairy commercial. She tugs on her father’s shirt and points at the screen.): Daddy, look! It’s a FOOTBALL fairy!!!

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