Political Differences, Breakups, and Crotches

Normally, I don’t talk politics because it’s just like talking religion. I have friends from all walks of life, and this year’s election has brought out a lot of things I didn’t know about people. I was surprised to hear when two of my friends announced that they were getting divorced over politics. He’s a die-hard Romney fan and she’s somewhat of a women’s rights activist.

“I cannot live with a man that doesn’t believe in my rights, much less be married to him,” she told me. I must admit that I would probably feel the same way in a marriage like theirs.

Earlier this week one of my favorite gay friends announced that he deleted all of his Facebook friends that are Romney supporters.

“If they support Romney, then they don’t support my lifestyle. Therefore they are not my friends,” he wrote.

I don’t blame him. Being the sister of a gay man, I cringe when I see someone posting something negative about homosexuals, because they are hurting a part of me that I dearly love.

I’ve seen dozens of political posts from friends that I’ve ignored. Out of respect, I don’t feel it’s my place to comment on someone else’s page if they have a preference different from my own – just as I wouldn’t want them to litter up my page with their garbage.

And then I had my own experience of being politically abolished. After receiving my ballot and frustrated over propositions concerning women, I posted on my Facebook fan site:

Dear Republicans,
Please stay out of my crotch.

Someone that I’d never heard of before (whose Facebook page was littered with pro-Romney links) – that had neither ever commented nor even “liked” any of my non-political posts (read: all of them except for this one) – stated that I had just lost a fan, and she began bad-mouthing me. Long-time fans came to my defense. I simply blocked her. Anyone that has read my book(s) knows damn well that I’m not going to allow anyone to tell me how I should feel, act, speak, or think (after all, my Facebook page is SusannaSpeaks!!). While I appreciate and respect other people’s opinions, I found it tacky that someone would make an effort to stir up negativity rather than silently remove herself. But it showed her true character.

So I will say it now. I support gay rights. I support women’s rights. If you want to act like a third grader and don’t want to be my “fan” anymore because of how I feel, then so be it. I’m looking for those that celebrate, not hate.


  1. I find it odd that someone would unfriend everyone who supports Romney. There are really only two choices out there, and I think they are both pretty distasteful. Just because a person supports Romney does not mean that they do not support women or gay rights. I support Romney just because I believe the economy needs someone besides Obama to step in, but I am a supporter of abortion, birth control, and gay rights. If I thought it would do any good, I would vote for Gary Johnson, the Libertarian. I think the govt needs to stay out of EVERYONE’S business. The fact is, though, that the economy is in a dire situation. Something needs to be done, or we will continue the downward spiral that we have been in. I know that Obama inherited a bad economy, but he was in office for four years, and things only got progressively worse. At some point he needs to stand up and take responsibility. He has just not done a good job. He has not done anything that he promised. Obama said he would bring the two parties together, but all he has done is divide the country. A vote for Romney is not a vote for hate, or a vote to keep certain groups of people down. It is a chance to fix our economy. All the other issues are important, but I really feel that the main thing is getting our country back on track. Once we stop spending so much money and driving the debt up, once we start employing the American people again, once we get so many people off food stamps and welfare, then we can work on equal rights for all. There won’t be a country to promote those rights if we don’t get the economy where it should be. China is going to own us (they have all our debt), and I’m pretty sure they are not nearly as concerned about rights and freedoms as we are.

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