Goodbye, Cruel World – Sayonara, Facebook (sucks)!

0278615_facebook_sucks_xlargeI gave up on Facebook again. While it’s a great way to keep in touch with people, it’s also a gateway of how people think, most of which I don’t care to know. People that I really want to keep in touch with have my phone number or email address, and for me that’s enough.

The issues of gun control and gay rights in the United States is a big one, but it seems to be an even bigger one to people on the mainland. I don’t hear anyone in Hawaii discussing it, nor do I see anyone posting anything about it on Facebook. (Except for my idiot neighbor, it’s a fairly peaceful island – even with half of the population being military.) Hawaiians seem to be a lot more accepting than mainlanders.

I’m sure many of you can relate to this – you log on to Facebook and have to scroll to find anything decent to read or look at. Lately, I’ve been experiencing ads for things I don’t like on my iphone when I view Facebook. And no matter how I put my settings, they magically manage to change on their own. Half of everything people are posting from the mainland is negative, and most of the time they have no knowledge of anything they are talking about or posting about. Nothing is based on facts, just opinions from Fox News and nut balls like Alex Jones. If one of them told their fans the sky was falling, they’d post it and believe it. So sad.

I decided Facebook wasn’t a very great place for networking or promoting my work anyway, so I left. And I haven’t missed it a bit.

(*On a side note, if I were still using Facebook, I would become a fan of this page.)

6 thoughts on “Goodbye, Cruel World – Sayonara, Facebook (sucks)!

  1. I’m very, very close to giving it up as well. I don’t really need it for all those casual little social notifications about where someone is eating, who they’re with… or the latest pics of their bar hopping, but I can endure that trivia. And, it is at times an amazing way to network when a particular cause like animal rescue is happening… but even there it becomes necessary to wade through dozens of comments expressing some silly emotional reaction rather than any constructive or concrete offers of help, or information which would actually help in a particular case. FB has served in some ways as a “news” aggregator for me, where certain folks I respect post links to news items I might find interesting, (but, Twitter serves that purpose just fine) and sometimes an actual meaningful discussion does break out… but here’s the rub… there’s often someone who has to make it hostile, or resort to personal attacks, whether this is a “friend of a friend” or some recent “friend” hookup where they requested the “friend” status in the first place, usually because they saw my comments on some thread. Despite my willingness to engage in deeper discussion, the whole exercise is more often than not a huge frustration. I’ve finally realized I don’t really want to be bombarded with the same folks you’re talking about… the “haters.” And they are all over FB, sadly. I have found that my real-life friends and I don’t interact that much on FB anyway, so this world of “cyber friends” is in serious need of culling, and the few truly interesting people I’ve “met” on FB whom I’d not want to lose contact with… well, I already have all the information I need to remain in touch. Over time, FB has become a time-wasting aggravation for the most part. Perhaps I need to simply cull the list, or simply use it to collect information rather than interacting with people, but until I figure that out, the idea of simply extricating myself from its time-wasting alerts is looking like the best answer. Thank God I don’t have a smart phone. FB was okay when it was simpler, and even fun for awhile. Now, I’m simply sick of it, constant changes and all, never knowing who is actually reading my comments or posts… I may as well be back on public forums focusing on certain interests, since they are better at what they do, especially with decent forum moderators.
    PS: I did hit the “like” button on this page first time I saw it. What’s nice is I can keep “liking” it without FB.

  2. I try to quit Facebook all the time because it annoys me, enrages me and bores me. But, for some reason, i keep going back. 😦

  3. Congrats. I looked at my Facebook page and saw a rant/opinion about something about which I did not necessarily disagree, but I didn’t want to see it there, from her, at that time. It made me think of her differently, that she felt like she needed to broadcast this to her friends, that I was supposed to publicly agree so that my friends would see it. Weird. I don’t have Facebook on my phone for the reasons you point out, and the pointed advertising is sometimes insulting and just off — I may “like” a page because it’s a friend’s business and I’m showing support, but it doesn’t mean that I am swayed by advertising by other companies who think that I am a consumer of my friend’s business.

    If people “in real life” need me, they know how to find me.

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