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Time is our enemy. Most people don’t have enough. This is why our writing must be tight, direct and hook early. Modern audiences have the attention span of a toddler hopped up on 2 liters of Coke. We can’t afford to let them drift.

Drift=Bad juju

I’ve edited countless books, many from new authors. I see a lot of the same errors, and this is to give you a basic guide of what to look for in your writing. Be your own Death Star. Blast away this weak writing so that, once you do hire an editor, it won’t cost nearly as much because the editor won’t spend precious time (charged often by the hour) to note or remove these basic offenses.

Tip #1—Use Other Senses. BTW, Sight is the Weakest

A lot of writers (new ones especially) rely on a lot of description regarding what a character sees…

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Great advice for writers!

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Yesterday, we discussed the often confused Man verses Self by using the movie Flight. All good Men versus Self stories still have an outside antagonist that generates the story problem in need of resolution by Act III. No outside antagonist? No story problem? Then the novel quickly devolves into pages of navel-gazing.

Literary Fiction Doesn’t Give us a Pass from Plotting

Look to all the top literary fiction and all of them have an outside antagonist that generates tension, conflict and change. The only difference in literary fiction is that the character arc usually takes a higher precedence than the plot arc.

The plot and story problems are there, but they’re purpose is to force internal change.

Some Examples…

In Brave New World, protagonist Bernard Marx doesn’t fit the mold he was engineered to fill. The society around him lacks meaning and he travels to the reservations (of…

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What is the Point of Spamming a WordPress Page?

I’m certain I’m not the only blogger that is annoyed with spammers in the comments section of their posts. WordPress does a pretty good job at putting them in the spam folder, but their “blacklist system” doesn’t seem to be doing its job. After not logging in for about two weeks, I had 12 spammers basically saying the same thing about how to improve my website. Today I had another 8 or 9 spammers saying things that didn’t make any sense, and one or two spammers posting nothing but links to junk.

I just don’t get spammers. What is the point? I don’t know of anyone that ever clicks on their sex links, purse and shoe ads, or SEO advertisements. Even if they do, I doubt they’d buy anything. It’s like the junk mail I get in my snail mail box to buy car insurance I already have – goes straight in the trash without any consideration whatsoever.

So can someone answer my question – what is the point of spam? Does it actually work? Do these people actually make money? Or are they just trying to be annoying little bastards?