What is the Point of Spamming a WordPress Page?

I’m certain I’m not the only blogger that is annoyed with spammers in the comments section of their posts. WordPress does a pretty good job at putting them in the spam folder, but their “blacklist system” doesn’t seem to be doing its job. After not logging in for about two weeks, I had 12 spammers basically saying the same thing about how to improve my website. Today I had another 8 or 9 spammers saying things that didn’t make any sense, and one or two spammers posting nothing but links to junk.

I just don’t get spammers. What is the point? I don’t know of anyone that ever clicks on their sex links, purse and shoe ads, or SEO advertisements. Even if they do, I doubt they’d buy anything. It’s like the junk mail I get in my snail mail box to buy car insurance I already have – goes straight in the trash without any consideration whatsoever.

So can someone answer my question – what is the point of spam? Does it actually work? Do these people actually make money? Or are they just trying to be annoying little bastards?


  1. Spamming can be seen as a commercialized form of bullying.
    I thought WordPress had better spam control than this. Susanna, you were on Blogger originally, as I recall, weren’t you? I was wondering if a lot of spam got through over there, too. If you get a chance, I’d be interested to hear your opinion of WordPress vs. Blogger (i.e pros and cons of both).

    • Interesting – I hadn’t logged on again in a week or two. I had 21 spam messages waiting for me. I think it was worse with blogger. It seemed better here for a while but the spammers always seem to find a way around things. But now I know where I can get “cheap Louis Vuitton bags” lol.

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