Orange Crush – A Love Story

(**Note: This is a true story that happened to me last summer.)

They met on a dating app. Chatted a bit before finally meeting up at a local hangout. She ordered a beer. He ordered an Orange Crush. They clicked immediately. Said their goodbyes and planned another date for the weekend.

A bonfire. Her friends. He was charming and likeable. He excited her. The conversations and make-out sessions were incredible. He was fun and funny and nurturing, which is what she needed. They had just about everything in common – their beliefs, their activities, the things they wanted out of life. She had never felt this way before, not even when she was married.

She held back on sex. She was skeptical. He, on the other hand, was just having fun. She wasn’t aware of his intentions, but they grew closer and she trusted him. Eight dates later, she gave herself to him. He made her cum three times.

Intense. Intimate. She met some of his family. Two months. She knew she was falling for him, but she couldn’t tell him. She was afraid of rejection, because he hadn’t expressed his feelings to her. But he had made comments that reflected they’d have a future together, talking plans of things months in advance. He’d assured her that he wanted to be with her and it would take something big to make him leave. She insisted she did not want her heart broken again. He held her as though he loved her, held her in a way no one ever had. Whether or not he loved her, she would never know.

Three months into it, she went to visit her family for a week. Figured the break would make them closer. She’d sent friendly texts while she was away. He barely responded. Maybe he was working a lot. Maybe he was just busy or tired. Then she started to panic. Gut feelings about no responses.

She returns from her trip. He wasn’t even aware she was back. As if they were only part-time acquaintances and nothing more. Her heart was sinking into her stomach. What had happened?

He finally messages her. He was busy. He wasn’t avoiding her. He missed her. She smiled for the first time in a few days.

The communication stopped again. She still hadn’t seen him in over a week. He didn’t seem to be in a hurry to see her again. She assumed he’d gone back to his ex or met someone else, because that’s what men do. So she asked him. He replied that he did not. That he needed to get some things in his life together. No other explanation. All text messages.

The communication stopped completely. She was left clueless and dumbfounded. She poured her heart out to him. She realized she was in love for the first time in several years. He blocked her as if she meant nothing. He was her Orange Crush.

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