Dating Mr. Disappointment

Expectations lead to disappointments, so I’ve decided that there’s no point in looking forward to anything anymore, especially when it comes to the world of dating. I have pretty much had it with broken promises and being stood up. This also comes from friends that make plans and cancel at the last minute or don’t bother to show up. How inconsiderate of someone else’s time! So I have stopped making plans with anyone in my life that does this to me.

Recently, someone that lives a distance from me that I’d been very interested (and hopeful) in meeting came onto me very strong. It was flattering, and we tried to plan a week to meet up. Supposedly, his work or something got in the way of things that week, so I offered to meet him at the halfway point across the state at a yearly event I thought we’d both enjoy. I had free tickets, and he agreed to meet me. A few days later, he suddenly wasn’t sure if he’d be able to meet. And then he just blew me off altogether, so I ended up telling him I’d find someone else to go with, because I don’t need bullshit in my life. I haven’t heard from him since, and he’s even stopped liking my Facebook and Instagram posts.

On the day we were supposed to meet and do some fun activities, he posted something on Facebook about having mimosas with people. Nice. Now I will be sure to remove him from my social media. Perhaps I will tag him on this post so he knows how I really feel.

If someone can’t meet me halfway, then fuck ’em. I’m not going out of my way for a man that clearly doesn’t know how to make a commitment and just gets my hopes up only to be let down in a big way. Not only do I not have time for that crap, I don’t deserve it.

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