Guest Blogger: Date With Bubba

Submitted by Anonymous: 

This is about a redneck guy I dated as a teen. He came over to pick me up for dinner in his old bubba truck. First impression was when Bubba yelled at my little niece and nephew that ran too close to his truck. Then when we went out, he drove through several steak house parking lots, kept saying they were too full. It was about 8 at night and I was starving. I finally said to him, “How about Burger King?” So he drove straight over. Maybe that’s what he was hoping anyway. We ate, and he took me home.

Later that week Bubba called me and tried to convince me that I wasn’t a woman until I loosen up a bit and have sex. Still a virgin, I held my ground and said that I was waiting until marriage. But we planned a second date.

Bubba was supposed to meet me at the ice rink as a skating date. Two hours roll by and still no Bubba. My other guy friend saw that I was upset and asked what was going on. He let me use his cell phone to call Bubba. I surprised him with that random phone number, because he picked up, said hello. Then when I asked where he was, he was breathing hard and hung up. My guy friend called again and Bubba shut off his phone. I never saw him again.

Last I heard about Bubba, he was in trouble with the law for beating he shit out of someone with a hockey stick.

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