What They Really Mean on Dating Sites…

As soon as I see a profile picture that I don’t like, I automatically write that person off. Too many photos with drinks in their hands usually means they spend a lot of time in bars. Sticking their tongues out is just immature and stupid. Middle fingers probably means they’re angry and immature. Blurry photos and too far away? Fugly.  Too many shirtless pics (or any if they’re not at the beach or in the water) probably means they’re in love with themselves. Too many bathroom selfies… no friends? Lol Seriously…

But sometimes they write things (or don’t write things) that are red flags. For example, if they write nothing on their profile, then they’re not serious about a relationship at all. They’re too lazy to write anything, and therefore too lazy to put any effort in a relationship. But there are things they sometimes do write that have other interpretations. This is my list so far:

“If you want to know, just ask” = too lazy to fill out profile (see above)

“School of Hard Knocks” = spent some time behind bars

“NSA (No strings attached)” = wants to get laid

“Looking for fun” = wants to get laid

“Newly single” = wants to get laid

“Just looking to make friends” = wants a friend with benefits

“My kids are my world” = no time for a relationship

“I work a lot” = no time for a relationship

“Old fashioned” = a woman’s place is in the kitchen

“Please have no drama” = loves drama and invites it

“Drama free” = more dramatic than a 14-year-old girl

Would anyone like to add to this list? Comment below…

4 thoughts on “What They Really Mean on Dating Sites…

Add yours

  1. “Open minded” = I want a relationship where I have sex with random people while you stay at home and wait for me.

    “I like anything outdoors” = I have no hobbies or outside interests beyond how fast my quad can go and will bore you to tears.

    “No fat girls – lol its just what i like lol” = He is seriously overweight and in denial but also an asshole towards people he thinks are “too fat.”

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    1. LOL! Love those! Oh yeah, lots of those “open relationships”. I often wonder if the other person knows they’re in one.


  2. Any pics with fish or cars or their kids…plus comments like ‘I like a girl who looks after herself’. Any comments about their kids is just off. People who make no effort to ask anything about you but want to go straight to talking about sex or trading naked pics. Oh goddess, the dating world is full of wankers.

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    1. All of those, too! And one guy has more pics of his dogs than of himself. I told him no one is going to date his dogs. lol
      Even worse – sometimes they have pics of their kids. I think that’s the most distasteful thing to do on a dating site… and some put it as their main photo. So weird.
      Anyone that can’t start a normal conversation out gets deleted. What’s the point in trading naked pics anyway when they’re free on a google search?


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