Finnegan, Dating the Biggest Liar on the Planet

Submitted by Guest Blogger, Kayte:

I met Finnegan on Plenty of Fish a couple of years ago after a 7-year bad relationship. He was completely charming, seemed to love my children, and seemed like he would do anything for me. My friends all liked him. I was head over heels for him, and naively moved him in with us after he spun a story about how his roommate decided to move his mother back into the room he was renting at their house.

Finnegan said he was 38, never married and had no children, and he was a driver for a large beer company. We made an agreement on how we’d split the bills and rent, and I felt relieved to finally have more money to save from that. Alas, that never happened!

Not only did Finnegan never pay a dime towards rent, but he even had the nerve to borrow money from me on occasion. He worked strange hours, and at one point I became suspicious as to where he was really going each day. He came home one day smelling distinctly of sex… yes, that smell is unmistakable, and my gut told me something was up for sure!

Upon further internal reflection, I realized I knew NOTHING about this man who was living with me and my children. I’d never seen any paperwork – no paystubs, no mail, etc. He’d moved in with one box of clothes for God’s sake! My suspicions finally got the best of me and I asked my ex (a cop) to check him out for me. Who was this man really???

We were about to celebrate his 39th birthday, which according to him, would be the first birthday he celebrated in years! (Due to his mother dying on that day… more lies of course!) As it turned out, Finnegan wasn’t 38 turning 39. He was actually ten years older. He had been married and divorced. He also had two children on which he owed thousands in back child support, and he had even lied about his living situation. The roommates had actually kicked him out for not paying rent. I also found out from his ex-wife that I wasn’t the first woman to contact her about him; Finnegan has a habit of charming women with children and moving in with them, then moving on to the next one.

When confronted about his age, his excuse was, “I just don’t want to be old!!” When I called him out on all his lies, he didn’t even apologize. He just said, “Okay, I’ll move out.” Then he came home, grabbed his box, and left! Loser!

His last words to me were, “No more relationships…I’ll just have friends with benefits! I’m going to block you now.” He disappeared that day! I was so pissed because I wanted to go off on him, vent my anger and frustration… but the bastard didn’t even extend me that courtesy!

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