Date with a Greek Christian Wrestler

Submitted by Guest blogger, Kayte:

I met the Christian Wrestler on POF a couple of years ago. He was really good looking – dark hair, great physique – typical Greek features. He considered himself a “Christian” wrestler (whatever that means) and had some Youtube videos of himself wrestling.

The date went well. I liked him and agreed to a second date, but the very next day I was going to NY for a two-week visit.

Christian Wrestler and I only went on one date. The next thing I know, he’s texting me, claiming to be in love with me, telling me I’m the woman of his dreams that he couldn’t live without. He said he’d do anything in his power to get me… and he also wanted to move in together when I got home. I was freaked out about the suddenness of it all, and apparently he took that as an insult. Christian Wrestler started calling me a tease and all sorts of other nasty names.

I had to block Christian Wrestler, but he kept finding me. I kept blocking him, and eventually he left me alone. I’m sure he eventually ended up finding someone that bought into his bullshit. But for her sake, I hope he didn’t!

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