Insta-Psycho, Cont.

If you haven’t read my last post “From Insta-Friend to Insta-Psycho,” then you’ll need to in order to understand Insta-Psycho and his crazy text messages. I had sent screenshots of his messages to my family and a few of my friends in case something happened, because I seriously did not know this man’s mental and emotional capabilities. Being that everyone’s personal information is easily accessible online, he could gain knowledge of my home address just by googling a few things (this is one thing I hate about the internet). Every single person that I sent these to had the same sentiments: 

Yikes! This guy is psycho!

Holy crap! He sounds emotionally stable. Stay away! 

Whoa, girl! Block him!

Damn, I would have never guessed he’s that type of guy. Thanks for the warning!

A day or so after where I’d left off on my last post, Insta-Psycho’s other personality came out, like he was making up for being a crazy, manipulative, condescending douchebag. In a nutshell, he asked to meet for sushi (I declined), suggested I was scared of him, told me what he’d sent me was a reflection of his feelings towards a woman that broke him and the wondrous feelings she gave him. He continued with how he values our friendship, which I found totally strange, since we know nothing about each other at all. 

That right there opened the door to what needed to be said. Without going into too much detail over text, I told him about the bad vibes I was having and that his first crazy message was pitiful (yes, I said pitiful; I wasn’t about to sugar coat a damn thing after the shit he’d sent me). I reminded him that while I tried to help him in the only way I could, that he completely dismissed anything I had to say, especially the part about me not being equipped to deal with other people’s problems right now. And then I told him this is no longer a healthy friendship that I want to entertain. All truth, and I didn’t feel guilt or fear or anything weird at all about telling him like it is. I felt I needed to avoid him as much as possible from now on. 

Although I normally enjoyed his photos, I had declined on liking anything he posted and even avoided making posts on my own account in order not to have any way for him to comment, because I was avoiding contact at all costs. That’s when he really began overcompensating for his mishaps and aggressions in a way that was over-the-top. He started spilling woes to me again and told me about the medications he’s on, which certainly explained a lot! Then he started sending messages that sounded giddy, upbeat, like another new personality – just being really nice and friendly. I did not want to hear much of anything he had to say at that point, because it was too much drama for me, especially for someone I don’t even know or care to know or have zero investment. And I wasn’t about to let some weirdo steal my good energy that I’d worked so hard on receiving and retaining. 

As I’d stated in my last post, Insta-Psycho had never posted selfies prior to any of this. Suddenly, he started posting them daily, sometimes more than once a day. It was obvious he was grasping for some sort (or any sort) of attention from anyone. At some point, his stories insinuated he’d hooked up with a woman, which I found especially gross to be sharing publicly.

This erratic behavior made me want to block Insta-Psycho completely, but without knowing him well, what if he went absolutely nuts and found out where I lived or followed me or some other weird shit that creepy ass men do? Because this is the type of shit women, especially single women, worry about and have to deal with. I decided to tread lightly on this, because I have dealt with some mentally unstable people before, and this guy was definitely one of them. Since I had followed Insta-Psycho on two accounts, I unfollowed on one to avoid seeing double posts – and he sent this: Did u really unfollow me? 

How he noticed so quickly that my one account unfollowed him, I have no idea, but it creeped me out that it was even an issue. He’d even suggested that I was canceling or punishing him! (Seriously, WTF!) His attention-whore selfies continued, and it became a running joke with a friend suggesting Insta-Psycho was trying to get my attention again). 

Days later, Insta-Psycho asked me why I didn’t like his selfie, to which I replied I only like creative or entertaining selfies or those of my offspring. Again, he accused me of being much too serious and suggested to smoke some weed, then claimed he was joking about the selfie comment, even though I don’t believe he’d ever joked with me about anything whatsoever before. (In fact, I don’t recall him ever having a sense of humor in any of our conversations, which is probably why I found him to be boring.) My friend Leno pointed out that this was probably one of the most passive-aggressive things he could have said to me: Why didn’t you like my selfie? (He didn’t like the answer he was given.) Just joking! You’re too serious! Smoke some weed!

I suppose Insta-Psycho figured out I wasn’t going to play into his manipulative bullshit drama, because he eventually stopped engaging. Still posting attention-whore selfies, liking but not engaging. 

While all of this was taking place, I had another situation I needed to handle once and for all. It’s about someone I’ve written about before, but nothing recent. I was on a roll to get rid of and block all of the toxic people in my life, especially when I’m at a point in my healing that I feel repelled by them. More to come… 

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