Last Texts to a Narcissist

While all of the other craziness was going on with Insta-Psycho and the restaurant incident, I was also dealing with another issue without even leaving my own home. This is a person I’ve written about before and thought the book was closed, but it has another chapter or two.

I will post the backstory about this at another time, but I had just had enough of the bullshit with this person, and enough time away gave me courage to say what needed to be said, especially with a clear head. I wanted this shitty relationship to end once and for all, telling him to lose my number, which is what I should have done a year ago.

These were some of my last words:

If you are dating another woman, LOSE MY NUMBER! I think it’s total fucking shit that you weren’t ready to face me until you’re already in another relationship. You’re a fucking coward.

You are not my friend at all. You’re manipulative and you’re a fucking asshole. You’re the only one that benefits from our friendship. You have brought nothing but chaos and drama into my life. And you can say you’re sorry all the hell you want, but your actions continue to hurt me.

How dare you contact me the other day and butter me up to ask me out for a beer when you had planned all along that you were going to tell me you’re in a relationship with someone else? Who the fuck does that?

And if in the unlikely event I happen to see you out, don’t worry – I’ll be ignoring you. You’re fake and you’re a narcissist. You don’t deserve my attention or my friendship. Me being friends with you would only help you to feel better about yourself. That’s more selfishness on your part, because obviously I would benefit nothing from it.

You are not a friend of mine and you haven’t been for a year and a half. You have proven to me time and again that you will never change to be a better person. You have done nothing but shit on me the entire time you’ve known me. Friends don’t do that to each other. So maybe our definition of friendship is different. I like friends that are loyal and honest. You have been neither.

This is going to be some great blogging material. I never finished the last chapter on you as it is. I think it’s time. Have a nice life, Biker Guy. I’m not going to allow you to manipulate and hurt me again. Fuck off.

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