Fun Messing with a Telemarketer

Yesterday I received a call from a number that I had previously declined. But this time I was in a funny mood and decided to answer. The caller sounded like a young male and asked for me by my married name, so I knew it was another seller. It turned out to be a self-publishing... Continue Reading →

Another Brain Dump

(**I wrote this a couple of weeks ago.) I’ve been thinking about so many things, I cannot concentrate on just one. My mind is racing, my anxiety is high - and combined with depression, it doesn’t feel very good at all. It increases the insomnia, which makes me irritable from not getting enough rest, and... Continue Reading →

A Gift with a Catch

It’s been years since I’ve received a gift from the opposite sex. I believe the last time I did was when Dodger gave me the Sorry/Valentine roses. But when I do receive something from a man, I would rather it be from someone that I’m close to and in an actual relationship with. Or if... Continue Reading →

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