Ancient Aliens – History Channel Series Worth a Watch

Some friends suggested watching this series on Netflix. It was downloadable for free, which is always a good thing! I am open to the fact that alien life is possible and probable, and I’ve always had an interest in archeology.

The series delves into actual written history, religion, and the mysteries of the earth. Some of the footage is amazing – the man made caves, underwater cities, and unearthed cities such as Karahan Tepe. What amazes me about this is that our history books and classes do not teach us about most of these findings.

The series gives quite a different perspective about angels, gods, and all of those things from the sky that come from light, suggesting that what people were seeing were UFO’s and beings from other planets. It also suggests that ancient humans were helped by alien technology – hence the pyramids, Stonehenge, megalithic stone circles, and other monuments that even modern technology would have difficulty building. The show theorizes that ancient flying machines were far more advanced than our current jets and planes.

History Channel’s Ancient Aliens

Karahan Tepe photos

Japan’s underwater pyramid

Ancient archeology

What Makes a Good Scary Movie for a First Grader?

Everyone remembers their first scary movie.

Mine was Stephen King’s Salem’s Lot. I hadn’t heard of a vampire, and I don’t think I understood what one was after viewing the movie. Although I didn’t quite understand or remember the movie’s entire contents, I didn’t sleep that night, fearing that ghostly children would be scratching at my bedroom window, begging to be let in.

I was a first grader when I watched Salem’s Lot. And this is all I remember:

Moving boxes with unknown contents. Creepy graveyards. Darkness. Monsters. Dead-eyed, floating children. Dead kids. With fangs. Scratching on windows. Other kids. Dead ones.

That’s what makes a good scary movie for a first grader – creep factor.