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Lost in Depression

The other day I saw a familiar face in the local obituaries. It was someone I hadn’t seen in about 18 or so years that I had briefly dated (I’ll call him “Fred”). Fred was only 39, and when I  learned that he’d committed suicide, my heart ached for his loved ones and for Fred’s soul. What happened to Fred during those years in between I remember him being a happy person and now? What happened in his life that made it so unbearable that he felt ending it was… Read more Lost in Depression

Is There a Book in You? Six Local Authors Explain How To Do It

Come see me at this event! Is There a Book in You? Wednesday, Feb. 8 – 2 PM If you’ve ever given a single thought to writing a book, this event is for you!  Six local authors will explain how they did it and how you can too. Moderator: Dr. Michelle Thompson, Professor of English & Creative Writing at Daytona State College, who writes under the name Michelle Donice. William Lazarus – teaches at Embry Riddle and Stetson and has written more than 30 books, Susanna Hartigan is a research journalist,… Read more Is There a Book in You? Six Local Authors Explain How To Do It

New book is about done!

Okay, so my new book is about done. Yesterday I was contacted by my local newspaper that my book Unheard is going to be featured soon. Great timing!! I was brainstorming recently and thought about making audio books available. Does anyone listen to those? It is a very time-consuming process, so I’d love to hear some feedback.