A Date with a Pig

A couple of months ago a friend invited me to an art gallery for a wine tasting. I’m not a wine drinker, but I was more interested in seeing the gallery. I wasn’t expecting to meet anyone there of the opposite sex that would interest me, but I did. And I was happy to actually meet someone in person at an event that I would enjoy.

Pig and I are around the same age and hit it off. We had a lot in common, got along well, and ended up on a couple of dates that included kayaking and making dinner together. Initially, Pig was very sweet, and I hadn’t had that much fun since Orange Crush, which at that point had been about a year and a half. But I still had my guard up.

Then Pig told me he wasn’t looking for a relationship, that he didn’t know what he wanted. So I put another wall up and told him then we can only be friends, nothing more. I think that may have disappointed him, but too bad, because I made it clear I didn’t want to have sex with anyone that is probably having sex with other women. Still, Pig and I hung out. I still liked him, and he knew it.

Pig visited me at my job one evening, flirted with me, drove me back to the house after work, kissed me, and then proceeded to tell me he was meeting up with friends, one of which he had slept with. I said, “So you’re going on a date?” He said no. I said well, that sounds like a date to me. And then he invited me to meet him at the place.

I said, “Are you serious??? What do you think is going to happen here? You know I like you… you’re off to meet up with another woman that you’ve admitted you’ve had sex with. At least one of two things is going to happen. Either one or both of us is going to be pissed off, and I’m definitely going to be one of them.” He finally agreed that it was stupid of him to invite me to see him on another date. It didn’t sit well with me.

About a week later I saw Pig out with yet another woman that he hooked up with from Bumble. A few days later he invited me over for dinner, which he ended up burning because he was drinking too much (and I later learned doing other substances). We kissed on his couch, and I was in the moment, but it wasn’t until he stood up and stuck his dick in my face that I realized he’d somehow managed to take his pants off without me noticing. I was like wtf are you doing??? I ended up leaving, because his behavior annoyed the shit out of me. The following day, Pig was supposed to deliver something to my house for me to borrow, but he turned out to be unreliable. At that point, I realized I should probably just cut ties with him.

Still, Pig was friendly, and visited me at my job a few weeks later. He was flirting with another woman half his age right in front of me. When she turned to go into another room, he pointed at her and said, “I want that right there!” Right to my face. I gave him the dirtiest look and said, “She’s half your age!” He said, “I don’t care.” He continued to flirt with her right in front of me while also showing me pictures of his new boat. I was furious at him for being such a dick to come to my job and do that. Right in front of Pig, I said to the girl, “Be careful of this guy, he’s a player.” He tried to be sly and slipped her his phone number. I told her everything I knew about him.

Later that evening, Pig texted me to please not talk shit about him to the girl or anyone else. Then I let him have it… told him to go fuck himself, and on what planet did he think it was okay to come into my work and do that shit right in front of me? He apologized and said something about us being friends. I said, “You’re no friend, my friends don’t disrespect me. You’re a womanizing asshole. I don’t need to talk shit, because you pretty much speak for yourself. I view you as nothing more than a pig.”

I haven’t heard from him since, but I was told he came back into my work looking for the other girl. Not only is she not interested, she’s creeped out by him now.

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