A Gift with a Catch

It’s been years since I’ve received a gift from the opposite sex. I believe the last time I did was when Dodger gave me the Sorry/Valentine roses. But when I do receive something from a man, I would rather it be from someone that I’m close to and in an actual relationship with. Or if it’s a special occasion, then that’s acceptable.

While I was working yesterday, I received a phone call from a local florist that there was a delivery for me. I was confused, and I actually thought for a minute as to whether or not it was my birthday. I realized that’s not for another six months. So what was this delivery all about?

I asked the guy on the phone what was being delivered. He said a dozen beautiful roses. I said I have no idea who would send me that and asked if he could tell me who it was from. He read the note and said the name. At first I thought they got the name wrong, as I have been talking to someone recently with a similar name but never expected roses. Had it been from that person, then it would have been acceptable, because we’ve developed a friendship.

When I returned home, I read the card, and the name of the person who sent it still confused me. I only know one person by that name, and he fixed the brakes on my car (I paid him), but there was no way he could know where I live, so I asked a mutual acquaintance if she had given him my address. I didn’t think she would do that anyway, but I had to ask. She hadn’t. So I had to text this guy to ask if he sent something to my house. Yes, it was him. Not only was it a disappointment knowing it was from this guy and not someone that I had an actual friendship with, it felt creepy.

I asked how he got my address. It was on the packing slip of the brake parts I had ordered. I messaged our mutual friend what happened, and I guess she went off on him. Then he started sending me text messages that he was pissed I told her, that he doesn’t want her knowing what he does. Blah blah blah. Too fucking bad.

He had already asked me out earlier in the week, and I made it very clear I’m not interested in anything with him. We really don’t know each other, and he’s way too old for me. I actually busted out crying, because I felt this was a complete violation on his part to send something to my home. And did I mention I clearly told him I’m not interested? He’s not someone I’d ever date, and I’ve already been warned about him doing creepy shit like this. I just didn’t think it would happen, as I’ve kept my distance.

This morning he sent me a text with a picture of the packing slip that had my address on it. What is the point of that? I’m ignoring him.

After the 2am rude awakening from last week, this set me over the edge. I don’t understand why men think the way they do or why they think it’s okay to cross boundaries. It’s just fucking creepy.

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