The Most Boring Kayaking Date

Sometime last year, prior to meeting Orange Crush, I met someone that lived a few streets from me. I wasn’t sure if it was a good idea or not to try to date someone so close, but it sure made it convenient. We only saw each other a few times anyway. He was too young for me and incredibly boring. After the second meet up, I didn’t hear from him for about a month. When I did hear from him, he told me he had an extra spot open for someone to go on a kayaking trip with him to Marco Island… and everything was paid for. I didn’t ask too many questions about details, but it sounded like it might be fun. (At this point, I had been on two dates with OC.)

Since he said he had “an extra spot,” I had assumed there would be other people going. It wasn’t until the drive there that I learned we would be the only two on the trip. Of course, I had to ask the details of why there was this extra spot. It turns out he was actually dating someone that he had previously told me were only friends, but it was short lived, and they broke up. Interesting, I thought.

The 7-hour drive mostly consisted of catching up, with me asking most of the questions and initiating conversation. It was also seven hours of listening to country music, because he didn’t seem to like anything else. Now, don’t get me wrong – I like country music, but not for seven freaking hours. The only music that played that I really liked was Chris Stapleton. I was going to scream if I heard “Buy Me a Boat” for the umpteenth time.

The trip went nothing like I’d expected or hoped. The first evening was fine, and he was on his best behavior, but that changed the following day. Between the weather and him having us do all of the things he wanted to do, I didn’t get to experience kayaking to an island or somewhere that we’d talked about. Then he began doing some things that really pissed me off – just immature, rude things. For example, we had to put our kayaks in from a dock during low tide, so it was difficult to maneuver without tipping over. He helped put them in the water, I helped hold his kayak so he could get in. But when it was my turn to get in, he thought it was okay to paddle away from me and leave me struggling to get in on my own. I thought that was a dick move.

When we got back, we’d planned to find a place to eat. But he was also acting very strange and played on his phone – on Bumble, no less! He said he was trying to find someone else to hang out with us (another female), and I thought that was incredibly rude. When we went out to eat, he sat in the front of the Uber we called. Another dick move.

At that point, I felt pretty trapped. I was 3 hours away from my closest relatives and 7 from my own home. I just wanted to leave. I ended up paying for my own dinner that night, because I wanted nothing more from this asshole, and he’d already made some snide comments about paying for something. And then he asked me to pay for the Uber ride back – and again sat in the front seat! We’d discussed doing something after dinner, because it was still early, but when we got back to the room, he’d changed his mind. He was still playing on Bumble, and I guess maybe he got mad that someone he was talking to didn’t want to meet. By then, I’d had enough of his bullshit, and I asked him why in the hell did he even invite me if he’s trying to hook up with other women and act like a dick to me. I left to walk down to a bar around the corner. I was gone for a few hours, and he started texting me all concerned and apologizing.

When I got back to the room, he spent the rest of the night playing on his phone. The next morning, he’d planned an offshore fishing trip in which I was super glad I didn’t go, because they got back late, he caught nothing, and it was chilly that day – plus there was no canopy on the tiny boat. We had to leave that afternoon, and I couldn’t wait. It was mainly seven excruciating hours of listening to country music and silence. After he dropped me off, he hugged me, I thanked him, and we never contacted each other again. That evening, I had my third date with OC.

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  1. Omg is this a true story!? Yikes! One thing I’ve learned from my own terrible experience, is NEVER go on an overnight date with someone you hardly know! I went on a ‘romantic’ weekend with this guy I’d been dating for about 4 months. I should have read the warning signs. Before our weekend away, he STILL hadn’t asked if we were exclusive, nor asked me to be his girlfriend. He never once told me I looked nice, nor told me he liked me. He was like a robot who treated me as if we’d been dating for three years. It was the most boring relationship I’d ever been in. I feel ill to this day just thinking about him. He was the complete opposite to what I want in a guy, yet I felt so desperate I was trying to ‘make it work’. I wasn’t even attracted to him. It’s my own fault I suppose.

    So, on the very first night of our weekend away, he suggested we go out for dinner at an expensive restaurant. All I wanted to do was grab some fish & chips and sit on the beach… shows how different we were. When the time came to pay for dinner, he sat back and forced me to pay for THE WHOLE MEAL. I still can’t believe this happened. I immediately wanted to run away and never see him again, but I was stuck. We’d driven his car and I was 3 hours from home. If I’d refused to pay, the weekend would have been excruciating. For the rest of the weekend he expected me to pay for everything, was rude and mean, didn’t help me as I slaved away and cooked dinner for us both back at the beach house (using the groceries I bought), watched sport on TV and didn’t want to go hiking with me (I’m a huge outdoorsy/hiking person) as said he thinks walking/jogging is pointless.

    To make matters worse, on the last morning we stopped by a cafe to get some takeaway coffees for our trip back. We walked into the cafe and he lingered back, expecting me to once again order and pay for the damn coffees. Except – I didn’t have my wallet on me. I whispered to him that ‘I’d forgotten my wallet’. He said, ‘OHHH you’re just tricking me to get me to pay!” I was so stunned by what he said that I had to fight back the tears. In what world do you take a girl away for a romantic weekend and then MAKE HER PAY FOR EVERYTHING!? In what world is that EVER okay?? The only thing he paid for was the accommodation – I offered to pay for half but he refused to let me.

    I wish so much I’d called him out on his behaviour, but I couldn’t. I just wanted to wait until Sunday, pretend everything was OK, then never see him again. When I got home I ghosted the shit outta that bastard on the advice of my friends. He was such a dick and deserved it.


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