My Neighbor is Still a Creep

My patience is hanging by a thread, and I feel like I’m about to come undone. Like I’m about to totally lose my shit on someone. The pressure is so intense, because I have no control over some things happening to me. Besides my health issues, I’m still dealing with a disrespectful, creepy neighbor who doesn’t comprehend boundaries and privacy. I can clearly see why their past neighbor yelled and screamed in his face, because I’m about to be next to do some yelling and screaming. 

Shortly after the invasive hammock incident, the last straw came when I was sitting on my porch with my laptop, trying to write around 10 at night. I had on a dim light, and the laptop lit my face. I heard a dog wandering on my patio, then a flashlight and someone to get the dog. It was the wife. Never said sorry, or any words at all; but she was quick and probably embarrassed, as she should be. At midnight, I was about to head inside and heard a dog on my patio again. No one came to get him; I could very faintly hear the creeper calling the dog and shaking treats. And then I watched the dog walk onto the bottom of my sun tarp and take a piss. 

This time, I’d had enough. They obviously didn’t care, and they were not going to change. I contacted our landlord the following day, who obviously said something, because changes were sudden. 

It was then that I realized he’d had control over those fucking dogs the entire time!! He knew how to call them and control them from running over to my place, because it stopped. The creep was purposely sending his dogs over, so he could creep on me. I am so disgusted and angry!!!!

At first, if I heard them come outside, I went inside. I kept tarps up for shade on their side, which also provided privacy, but it wasn’t much. I felt trapped in my own place and wanted no interaction with them at all. Plus, I was still spraying my tarp with vinegar to get the dog pee odor off. They’ve created a lot of work for me, and I can barely keep up with what I already have. They suck. 

Now it’s awkward living next to these inconsiderate assholes. The wife hasn’t caused any issues and keeps to their side. Her creepster husband lets the dog use the bathroom on my side (picks up poop, but still pees where I walk!)… And the creep has slowly and creepily crept his creepy-ass over again, more towards the back, but still about 25 feet onto MY SIDE, straight in front of where I sit and view where my cat is buried!!!

Recently, I had family in town. My mother and I were in the house and watched creepster get out of his truck the same time a very attractive female relative was getting out of hers. From inside the house, we watched creepy walk towards the house and do a double take when he saw her. Seeing that with my own eyes made me want to puke on him. What a pig. 

The audacity of this motherfucker is going to stop real soon, because this woman right here is about to call him out for being a creepy old man in front of other neighbors. We all share the same landlord, and I need witnesses. I’ll even film the whole thing, so I can show my friends and family.

Once he realizes I can see him standing on my side, he turns his back to me, still allowing his dog to use my side of the property. I’ve been taking pictures to show the landlord, because I have a good feeling creepster would deny it. Oh, and did I mention these people are good friends with the landlord? Yeah. That’s the situation I’m in, so I feel a little helpless. 

Before, my only relief was knowing the neighbors are supposed to be temporary. They were supposed to have been out by now. According to the creeper’s story last month, he got a job in another state preaching Jesus to inmates. Imagine that! (Good riddance!)

But I see no signs of them leaving anytime soon, so maybe he didn’t get the job? This is extremely stressful and worrisome, because I know there needs to be confrontation again. After this man has been informed of the boundary and privacy issues, yet he continues the behavior, tells me he has zero respect for my boundaries (or probably women in general). This feels like someone who is dangerous to me. This is why I’m about to lose my shit. 

I want to find out if there was ever a police report filed with the last neighbor, but I want to remain anonymous or find someone that could tell me. This is a very small town, and I don’t need something like that getting back to them and making the situation worse. I cannot be the only woman he’s done this to, but since most of us never bother to report anything, no one knows.

Nevertheless, I cannot handle another creepy-ass man crossing boundaries that affect my privacy and sense of safety and security. I already have PTSD from other shitty things men have done, and this is triggering insomnia, anxiety, and depression all over again. I was just starting to feel better mentally. 

Not knowing if or when they’re leaving doesn’t make this any better. Legally, this man is violating my lease; whether he signed one isn’t my problem, because he’s technically the landlord’s problem. Without signs of them leaving, thinking about having to continue with this makes me want to throw up. I am stuck and have nowhere to go.

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